Amongst a number of things to prepare for your trip to Vietnam, getting the Visa is not the most significant but the very first task to be completed as efficiently as possible.


Vietnam Visa dot net is operated to promote the image of Vietnam to international friends through offering a free consultancy service related to traveling in Vietnam and facilitating potential tourists worldwide with procedures of Vietnam entry and exit and traveling related arrangement during their stay in Vietnam.


As locals, Vietnam Visa Dot Net has a great command of the Vietnam culture, legal system and regulations related to Vietnam Visa. And pursuant to the National Ordinance 24/1999/PL-UBTVQH10 on entry, exit and transit of foreigners in Vietnam issued by Standing Committee of National Assembly, We set up Vietnamvisa.org to assist the Vietnam visa applicants at the most convenient but cheapest way with SMART service that meets the criteria of Simple and Secure, Mannerly, Achievable, Reliable, and Timely.




Making the best use of online solutions, we have developed a very simple procedures that is easy for Vietnam visa applicants to use. Specifically, you, as a client, are just required to follow such the very simple steps as:

Step 1 : Fill in the secure online visa form at


Step 2 : Pay the service fee at a reasonable rate through Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union or Bank Account.

Step 3 : Get the visa approval letter by email within 1 or 2 working days and pick up your visa at the Vietnam international airports.

Step 4 : Bring "visa approval letter" passport, 2 photos, "exit and entry form", and stamping fee to get your visa stamped at the Vietnam international airports .




Being aware of the impotance of security of clients’ private information, we have been using the highest level of online security to ensure one hundred percent that your provided information is kept in security and confidentiality.




Being a client, you have rights to be respected, to be informed, to feel safe and in control of what is happening. Along with that, you have to be treated with friendly behaviours. Therefore, to protect and to fulfill your rights as a client, vietnam-visa offers a mannerly and friendly service to all of its clients to make sure that you feel confortable and confident.




Owning to the open door policy of the Vietnam Government that encourages the foreigners all over the world to visit Vietnam, it is not very difficult for almost those who need to apply for a Vietnam visa to get visa for Vietnam. However, not ALL who needs a Vietnam visa can be successful in applying for a visa, though the rate of failing is very low. Vietnamvisa.org works to facilitate your visa application procedures and advise you the best way to move forwards to getting the visa. And you are just charged the service fee in case your visa application is surely proceeded successfully.




With a deep LOVE with Vietnam, our Vietnamvisa.org staff has been trying our best to welcome more and more foreigners to visit the country where it bases. Applying client centered approach, our supporting staff always welcome all the feedback from clients and listen to them carefully to perfect the service with the big hope of offering a reliable service to the clients. Related to the reliability, you can click at https://Vietnamvisa.org/testimonials for the clients’ testimonials who have been using our Vietnamvisa.org service. Even, you can reach them for your reference.




For any clients both easy and difficult ones, TIMELY criteria is always prioritized. Being fully aware of the clients’ psychology, Vietnamvisa.org has been applying the TIMELY principle to all of its staff in dealing with the visa procedures. All the clients must be informed clearly the visa processing schedule. And as a client, you can actively monitor the process by loginning Client Login and Check Status at the site to know your visa processing status. In case you feel unsatisfied, you can call to the supporting supervisor at +84 988 580 614 to complain.

For normal service, the visa application procedures can be processed within two (2) to three (3) bussiness days.

For urgent service, the visa application procedures can be processed within one (1) business day.


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