What is Private Vietnam visa on Arrival?

This is commercial/non-official site offering visa approval letter service to pick up visas upon arrival

Both of these words just refer for 1 common term: Private Vietnam Visa on Arrival. (VOA)

Generally, this is an extra service that guarantees and secures your privacy. The service makes sure your passport details are safe and not shared to others. We are proud of bringing this service for the customers who wish to keep personal information in secrete. By using this service, there is only yourself (and your partner’s) details on the letter.

Why use Private Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Normally, Visa agencies and The Vietnam Immigration Department process several orders at the same time. It is common to get like 15-30 applicants on the same approval letter. It depends of course on when you made the order. In high seasons, you will find many other applicants on your visa-approval letter. You will then share full name, passport numbers, date of birth, nationality, entry date and visa type.

You do not need to worry, this is a normal process. But we do understand the need for privacy and to protect your information. In some countries the passport numbers are almost the same as the personal number. This is the reason why we have offered the Private Visa service. For customers who wish to keep their passport details private, we offer this service.

However, as mentioned above it does not matter when you entry Vietnam with a visa approval letter which includes many names of customers. By using Private visa or Share visa, you are guaranteed to entry Vietnam as normal provided that your information in passport is matched with Visa approval letter.

In addition, the fee for Private visa is 30 USD/ 1 month visa and 50 USD/ 3 month visa approval letter. It is more expensive than Share visa service. Therefore, we would like to recommend that you should choose Share visa service to save money for your trip.

What did customer talk about Private Visa?

Fred-1066 from Perth, Australia

"I used Smile Travel Vietnam and there was only myself and my partners details on the letter. They are a good company with quick responses. I have used other companies that have had large lists of people’s details on them on other occasions and never experienced any problems."


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